About Your Prescription Savings Program

The high cost of prescription medications forces many Americans to skip doses and keeps them from filling all of their prescriptions. The Rx Helpline strives to solve that problem. We have helped tens of thousands of people save on their prescription needs.

Rx Helpline is a prescription savings program designed to make your medications affordable. Whether it’s generic or brand-name medications, the Rx Helpline advocates are dedicated to helping you save money on your prescription needs and we can often help you get them for free.

The Average Member Saves Over $200 Per Month on 2 Brand-name and 2.5 Generic Medications.


At the Rx Helpline, their team of advocates are specialists in finding the lowest cost alternative for prescription medications. Telephone consulting with Rx advocates to help navigate the options is at the members’ fingertips.


Advocates sign up members directly or send required forms when needed and coordinate signatures from their physician to activate the savings programs. Members also receive their medication at the lowest cost possible, often totally free, delivered to their home or picked up at their doctor or favorite pharmacy.


The Rx Helpline provides members with guidance applying for pharmaceutical manufacturer prescription assistance programs (PAP) and access to non-profit and low-cost mail order options.

Items you will need to get started:

  • Doctor(s) Information
  • Drug Allergies
  • Health Conditions
  • Tax Information
  • Medication(s)
  • Medication(s) Dosage
  • Medication(s) Cost Per Month

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